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Language Education

TESOL Students Study Effective Strategies for Online Teaching

August 07, 2020

Coronavirus pandemic poses a huge challenge to language educators to teach effectively online. In the TESOL program at Olivet School of Language and Education (OSLE), students are learning and experimenting with some teaching strategies with visual aids and technology tools.

TESOL program professor Lisa Baer introduced to the class the various approaches to teaching ESL to adults. The first thing that an ESL teacher would need to develop is a detailed lesson plan for teaching listening, reading, and speaking English. Baer showed students an example of how to teach ESL reading over video conference sessions with the aid of PowerPoint presentations. Her live demo gave students some idea of the required skills and strategies for effective online teaching.

Students were given the assignment to create their online lesson plans targeting adult English learners and deliver a sample lesson during class. Professor Baer provided students practical suggestions after each presentation.

"I found the TESOL summer course very rewarding because it enables me to formulate a working online teaching plan for English learners. Professor Baer guided the class step by step patiently. I also learned much more about different methodologies to achieve learning outcomes," TESOL program student Tina Gao said.

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