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Language Education

Professor-Led TESOL Practicum Prepares Students to Teach in Real Classroom Setting

February 25, 2021

Olivet School of Language Education, OSLE, TESOL program students are able to apply their teaching techniques in the TESOL Practicum class this quarter, preparing them to teach English in a real classroom setting.

Led by Professor Lisa Baer, the 20-hour practicum course includes 10 hours of classroom observation and 10 hours of supervised teaching practice. For classroom observation, TESOL students observed many real-life classroom teaching videos and have learned many language teaching methodologies.

For the teaching practice, TESOL students are required to write up student-tailored lesson plans for various situations. Based on the given classroom scenario, students have to conduct research and specifically tackle the issues foreseen in such classroom settings by creating a realistic lesson plan. The actual practice session is recorded and evaluated by the professor, who will then provide critiques and ongoing support to bring the student's teaching skills up to professional standard.

"In order to achieve the teaching goal, we should apply relevant teaching methodologies and make effective lesson plans. I found myself improving very quickly because Professor Lisa always gives us constructive feedback," said TESOL student Nataly Cernovtan.

Olivet School of Language Education provides a combination of quality instruction with hands-on practical. Our goal at OSLE is to provide our students with professional language training not only in the classroom but also in the context of Christian service within our culture.

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