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Students Cherish ESL Experience Before Enrolling in Degree Programs

January 06, 2022

Many ESL students at the Riverside campus have passed their English proficiency test in the Fall quarter. They are relieved yet thankful for the learning experience in the ESL program, which prepared them well not just academically but spiritually for undergraduate study.

"When I was studying ESL, I have been through many failures and successes. That was a valuable life lesson. I am very thankful for my teachers' encouragement. They helped me see the big picture of God's vision in my life," said former ESL student Insung Ahn.

"I am grateful for the ESL program at Riverside campus. I could only speak very simple English when I first arrived. Now I could use English for academic communications. I will continue to improve my English skills as I go on with my undergraduate study," said an ESL program graduate Deokje Wang.

"Learning a new language was really hard for me. However, I thought I made a good decision by coming to study ESL in America, compared to learning it by myself in Korea. The Riverside campus provides an environment where I must use the English language every day. As time goes by, speaking English is no longer burdensome. I will continue to work harder and thank God for being with me," ESL program graduate Shinae Ahn shared.

May God bless all ESL students as they exit the program and move on to the next stage of their academic study.

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