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Language Education

ESL Module 4 Redesigned to Prepare Students for Advanced Theological Studies

January 02, 2023

Olivet School of Language and Education added topical theological English studies to its ESL Module 4 program to prepare students for higher education in divinity.

Based on the book "Exploring Theological English", ESL students examined different theological topics and high-frequency theological English terminologies. They practiced using academic English in written and spoken form by preparing presentations on selected theological topics assigned to them. Some students have also taken initiative to form small groups to encourage each other to recite Bible verses in English. Students have all benefited from the course, both intellectually and spiritually.

"I have learned many new terminologies in theology. I got a refresher in grammar when practicing academic writing. I hope that I can master the knowledge that I have learned and lay a solid foundation for my future theological studies," ESL student Deborah Chen said.

"This course is a great course. I have studied a lot of essential vocabulary, both academic and theological ones. When I studied theological words deeply, I was able to gain a new understanding of God's knowledge. I am now more confident to choose the right word for the right context to discuss theological matters," said ESL student Peter Xie.

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